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Getting App HAPPy in the classroom #Win8

This week was a busy one what with Windows in the Classroom training as well as a trip to Havering HSIS (Hsis) with Rob Cox, from Toshiba, to promote CPD courses on Windows 8 and Office 365 in the classroom.

Staff at Hartsbrook School learnt how to navigate their way around the Windows 8 platform effectively picking up some new shortcuts along the way. Sharing ideas for practise, exploring the effective use of ICT in teaching and learning,  as well as having a discussion on teaching with technology versus teaching through technology, staff were then able to research the range of Windows 8 apps available and come up with innovative and creative ways to use them in the classroom. In a week’s time, the staff will be submitting their plans fully trialled and evaluated to share with everyone at Hartsbrook E-ACT Free School. In addition these plans will be available to educators locally, nationally and globally on the Partners in Learning network. I look forward to cross-promoting some of their ideas on my blog too so keep your eye out for future posts.

Travelling over to Romford to share the range of CPD courses I am offering in conjunction with Havering School Improvement Services (HSIS) and Toshiba was very well-received by schools in the Havering area. Starting from Spring Term, I will be running Windows 8 in the Classroom, Win8 Apps in the Classroom and Office 365 in the classroom. All three courses will be run in the Spring and Summer term and we are looking forward to being able to offer more courses in 2014 and beyond. While I was there I was also able to gain a valuable insight into the amazing work HSIS are doing for schools in their area, with particular reference to Dave Smith and the ICT team. It is clear how having an ICT vision from the top is invaluable in developing the ICT & Computing skills of our students today.

As a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator, I am available to offer a range of courses on Windows 8, Office 365 and teaching through technology. All courses provide the opportunity to earn badges which not only gives you recognised and reputable CPD certification but which build capacity of your school thus in turn positively impacting upon the use of technology in teaching and learning and the development of students’ 21st Century Learning Skills. To find out more please contact me at or tweet me @CharBeckhurst

On top of Havering and staff training at Hartsbrook, there is still the Win8 App Lesson Planning Competition to be launched, posts to write for the Microsoft schools blog, a movie storyboard to be written for a technology company and of course teaching my students. It’s definitely busy being (a) M.I.E.E!

If you or your school are interested in finding out more about the Microsoft Expert Educator program, then just have a look here